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A solution for your paperwork

Tired of the paper warfare?

Keeping track of receipts, invoices and paperwork related to your business can be a drag. The QuickBooks Online feature that allows you to add attachments makes your life a little bit easier, especially as the paperless-office trend continues to grow.

Having all your paperwork attached in QuickBooks Online can help your accountant at the end of the financial year, it makes it easy to follow up on supplier invoices and it gives you the freedom to access documents quickly while you’re on the go. It’s a faster and more streamlined process that will put your filing cabinet out of a job.

Why Would You Use Attachments?

Here are just a few ways the attachments feature can help:

Attach your receipts on the go when at Officeworks, Bunnings or any supplier store
Attach quotes to your invoices if you are quoting outside of QuickBooks Online
Attach bills to the bills transaction or expense/cheque expense transaction
Attach your terms and conditions document to your invoice
Access the attachment anytime, anywhere
Attach supplier receipts directly when processing an expense or cheque
This feature gives you the flexibility to add an image or document to any transaction.

There are a few formats that you can upload into QuickBooks Online:

A PDF downloaded from a supplier email
An image
A photo from your iPhone or Android device can be easily attached to your Quickbooks On Line file

Courtesy of Quickbooks On Line

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